NHPGA Board of Directors

The NHPGA board of directors is made up of a President and vice President along with a total of up to seven voting board members. We also have a representative from University of New Hampshire in an advisory, non-voting position. The president is voted in by the board of directors and serves a term of two years. Any member of NHPGA can be active on the board. We meet monthly (execpt in May) to conduct normal board activities.

The board is responsible for two yearly meetings; one in the late spring and one in January. The spring meeting is a short late day meeting for all the members to catch up on current issues. The winter meeting shared with New Hampshire Landscape Association is an all day meeting with a more formal structure. We continually work on improving the quality of the NHPGA; this has included developing a new web site, more efficient ways of handling the day-to-day operations of the NHPGA and working with New Hampshire Farm Burea on issues at the State House that might have a direct impact on our industry. The board is just one part of the NHPGA the members are the largest and their imput is the most important, we are here the make the horticultural industry in New Hampsire thrive.