NHHE New Hampshire Horticultural Endowment

History of the Endowment

In 1997, the New Hampshire Plant Growers Association founded the New Hampshire Horticultural Endowment the only grant maker in New Hampshire that awards funds to individuals engaged in ornamental horticultural research and education.
Since its inception, the NHPGA has grown the Endowment beyond its original goal of $100,000. Seven grants have been awarded since 1999 and funds continue to be raised to allow for expanded granting opportunities. The Endowment is administered by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.
Eligibilty requirements, grant application as well as how you can donate to the endowment here.


Individuals submitting research proposals must be faculty members, students, or qualified employees of institutions engaged in horticultural research education. Projects may include (but are not necessarily limited to): basic or applied research and relevant equipment; and travel, training, speakers, or events when affiliated with research. In keeping with the wishes of our donors, projects should benefit the ornamental horticulture industry in New Hampshire, and secondarily the industry at large.

Grant Application and Past Recipients

Download application and see past grant recipients here.

Donate to the Endowment

The New Hampshire Horticultural Endowment needs your help to continue growing. Contributions are fully tax deductible and may be pledged when you renew your NHPGA membership.
For more information on making a contribution at another time, email us at executivedirector@nhpga.org or or use th
e donation form .