Invitation for Proposal Submissions

The New Hampshire Plant Growers Association has established a Horticulture Endowment to actively support scientific research and education in a wide variety of ornamental horticultural fields. The Association invites all researchers in related sciences to submit proposals for funding.

At a glance:

  • Grant monies available for 2017 total $10,000 for qualified applicants as determined by the NH Horticulture Endowment committee.
  • The deadline for proposal applications is October 15.  Grant awards will be selected by December 1.
  • Grants are awarded on the basis of the project description, including project objectives as well as methods, procedures, materials, equipment and personnel involved in the project. 
  • A short progress report is due every six months for the duration of funding. A final report or a detailed progress report on the project and/or outcomes must be submitted by June 15, 2019 and should acknowledge the Endowment’s funding support.

In 2016, the NH Horticultaral Endowment awarded its largest grant to date.

$10,000 was awarded to Roberto Lopez and Garrett Owen of Michigan State University for their research, “Optimizing Herbaceous Perennial Cutting Physiology, Morphology and Rooting.”

This is research that will benefit both NH Growers as well as growers throughout the country. Of course, Annie White’s research, which was presented at the Winter Meeting, on Pollinator Friendly Landscapes was also partially funded by the NH Horticultural Endowment.

Past Grant Recipients

2013 - Dr. Brian Krug, Univ. of NH - $3,000 - "Establishing Production Guidelines for Growing Hydroponic Specialty Salad Greens in the Greenhouses of Northern Climates"

2013 - Annie White, Univ. of Vermont - $3,000 - "Using Ecologically Sensitive Plants in Landscaping to Support Local Animal and Insect Populations."

2012 - Dr. Cathy Neal & Dr. Brian Krug, Univ. of NH - $5,000.00 - "Partnership for Consumer Focused Videos"

2011 - Dr. Margaret Skinner, Univ. of Vt. - $5,000.00 – “Novel Methods for Energy Conservation in Northern New England Greenhouses”

2010 - Dr. Cathy Neal, Univ. of NH  - $4,000.00 - ”Wildflower Meadow Establishment Methods & Seedling Identification Guide”

2009 - Dr. Leonard Perry, Univ. of Vt. - $4,000.00 - “Coralbells (Heuchera) Hardiness Research continued”

2008 - Dr. Leonard Perry, Univ. of Vt. - $3,000.00 - “Coralbells (Heuchera) Hardiness Research”

2007 - Dr. Brian Krug, Univ. of NH - $2,250.00 - “Controlling Plant Height Using Pre-germination PGR”

2006 - UNH Cooperative Extension - $2,250.00 - “Travel Expenses for new Greenhouse and Floriculture Extension Specialist to Meet NH Growers”

2005 - Dr. Lisa Tewksbury, Univ. of RI - $5,000.00 - “Biological Control of Lily Leaf Beetle in New England”

2003 - Andrea Luchini and Dr. Leonard Perry, Univ. of Vt. - $1,950.00 – “Soil Moisture and Freezing Study”

2002 - Dr. Douglas Cox, Univ. of Mass. - $2,150.00 - “Response of Different Petunia Types to Bonzai Applied to the Growth Medium by Several Methods”

2001 - Dr. Susan Han, UMASS Amherst - $2,024.00 -  "Evaluation of a Simple and Inexpensive Device for Measuring Ethylene Gas in the Greenhouse"

2000 - Dr. Cathy Neal, Univ. of NH -  $2,150.00 -  "Production Systems for Small Trees in New Hampshire"

1999 - Dr. Paul Fisher, Univ. of NH - $1500.00 -  "Quantifying winter temperatures and survival under different covers for overwintering perennials in containers"



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